HEY GUYS!!!!!  The voting has begun for the... -

17th Oct

HEY GUYS!!!!! 

The voting has begun for the Pittsburgh City Paper’s ART BOX COMPETITION and yours truly has a box that needs voted for!!! All you hafta do is submit my name (Jes LaVecchia), your name & email and that’s it! It *LITERALLY* takes two seconds!


If you feel like going the extra mile, reblog or send the link to some friends! I also have a facebook page where you can share the link!

***If you live in or are visiting the Pittsburgh area, I believe my box is located by the Omni William Penn Hotel, the swankest hotel in the burgh! ;) Get a picture of yourself next to my box, send it to me with your address and i’ll send you a surprise in the mail!***

Thanks!!! <3